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Science Night 2022

As part of Science Week 2022, Maynooth University hosted a Science Night. Over 500 members of the public came to take part. We welcomed primary school children and their families to be scientists for an evening. They observed how various science technology works and took part in a wide range of activities and experiments.

Several departments from the Science and Engineering Faculty came together to showcase the biology lab, CSI forensics, playing music with virtual drums, robots, chemistry shows, computational thinking obstacle course, and brain-computer interfaces.

The Family Genomics Research Group chatted all things neuroscience and genetics with families in the biology lab. At our lab bench, our team engaged potential up-and-coming scientists in making DNA bracelets, constructing realistic double-helix structures of DNA, colouring DNA and neuroscience pictures, holding life-like weighted brain beanbags, sharing knowledge about brain cells and drawing their families in the form of genetic pedigrees. The brain jellies were a big hit!

Volunteers for Science Night from the Family Genomics Research Group from left to right. Aoife Brennan, Luna Alvarado Añon, Aoife Coghlan, Hannah Walsh, Dr Laura Fahey, Enya Nordon, Dr Fiana Ní Ghrálaigh and Dr Lorna Lopez

This event was a huge success thanks to all the staff organizers and volunteers, and of course the families that came from both Maynooth and neighbouring towns and cities to experience science first-hand. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed Science Night and we hope to see new and familiar faces at Science Night 2023!

Our volunteers interacting with families that were interested in drawing their family trees, learning about nerve cells and neurons and doing DNA-themed colouring.



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