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Previous research studies

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Please note, the recruitment for the research studies below are closed.  


Research Study Participants Needed 

Effects of Daylight Exposure and Vitamin D on Circadian Rhythms, Mood, and Sleep 


Research study title: Development of wearable sensors for assessing exposure to daylight and association with circadian rhythms, mood, sleep, and Vitamin D status. 


Am I able to take part?  

  • If you are a healthy adult aged 18-30  

  • If you do NOT have a diagnosis of any condition that might affect your sleep or circadian rhythm (examples include insomnia, narcolepsy, depression, or any neuropsychiatric condition) 

  • If you are NOT taking any medication that might affect your sleep/circadian rhythm or Vitamin D (examples include sleeping tablets, vitamin D supplements, or corticosteroids) 


The Team involved:  

We are the Family Genomics Research Group in Maynooth University led by Dr Lorna Lopez. This pilot study is being led by Dr Cathy Wyse and assisted by Aoibhín Woods and Hannah Walsh. 


What is the aim of this study? 

Disturbed circadian rhythms are a feature of many neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions in adults and children. Our overall aim at the Family Genomics research group at Maynooth University is to investigate the reasons for this. Exposure to daylight is suspected to be involved in the association between mood, sleep, and circadian rhythms, but we do not have good methods for quantifying intensity and duration of light exposure in individuals. The aim of this study is to trial and optimize the use of sensors for the assessment of daylight exposure and to measure associations with sleep, mood, Vitamin D, and circadian rhythms.  


What do I have to do?  

  1. Wear a sensor on your hand/wrist for one week. 

  2. On one occasion only collect 4 drops of blood onto a test card for Vitamin D measurement using a home testing kit that we will provide.  

  3. Complete questionnaires on your sleep, mood, and diet.  

  4. Return the sensors to us after the study using a method of your choice which we will pay for. 

Contact us:  

  • If you would like to find out more information, please contact us via email:  

  • You can find out more about team members via our Team Page.


Funding: Maynooth University Network and Collaboration Support Fund 2021

For more about our research: Please review our Population genetics and Human health research theme. 


Data Protection at Maynooth University:

  • The Family Genomics Research Group adheres to data protection policies governed by Maynooth University  

  • Visit Maynooth University Data Protection for more information. 

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