Research Engagement 

The communication of research findings to the public and the engagement of the public are essential parts of research. Research engagement is a priority of the Family Genomics Research Group at Maynooth University.

UK Biobank researchers workshop for Irish biomedical research

UK Biobank 

PhD student, Thomas Dinneen, hosted a workshop event for researchers that gathered experts and researchers in the field of biomedical science that use the UK Biobank. 

They discussed the important need for big data resources in Ireland and how they use this database for data analysis. 

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Mental Health Educate 

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has created a Mental Health Educate website for youth and teachers that provides educational mental health resources through a range of animation series. Please keep scrolling to see the educational video Lorna helped contribute to for this series (Journey through the brain). 

Dr Lorna Lopez interview

On International Women's Day 2019, to celebrate women in STEM, Dr Lorna Lopez spoke with Science Broadcaster, Jonathan McCrea.


Please watch if you wish to know more about one of our current projects funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

What's next in Autism genomics?

In 2019, Dr Lorna Lopez and Professor Louise Gallagher organized a research engagement event and invited families living with Autism.

This highly successful event allowed participants to engage with researchers to discuss the importance of the community’s perspective and practical directions to make sure every phase of our research projects are more inclusive of the Autism community.

What is Autism genomics?

During Dr Lorna's Lopez's time in Trinity College Dublin, she hosted a public engagement event to communicate the advancement of Autism genomics research. 

Please play the video if you wish to know more about Autism genomics. To find out more about the talks given at this event,  please visit the Autism Trinity Translational Medicine Institute webpage

Journey through the Brain

While working in RCSI with Professor David Cotter, Lorna developed a colouring book that captures how the brain develops with stunning animations.This collaboration of academics and artists hopes to spark an interest in neurodevelopment in those that are watching the video. 
Please visit the RSCI Mental Health Educate website to see more educational animations about the brain and mental health.