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  • Laura Rudderham

The Family Genomics Research Group Arrives Right on Time for Conference Season

As we head into the summer months the Family Genomics Research Group is gearing up for what is often called "conference season." The time of year when researchers and academics from all over the world gather to network, learn about the latest scientific developments and innovations, and most importantly showcase their research.

Recently, three of our esteemed members - pictured from left to right: Dr Laura Fahey, Dr Cathy Wyse, and Aoife Brennan, crossed land, and sea for the biannual UK Clock Club meeting at the University of Surrey in Guildford, where they shared their latest project developments and discussed all things bio-clock related.

Our in-house chronobiologist, Dr Cathy Wyse, stole the show by earning the coveted top poster prize. Congratulations to Dr Wyse on this well-deserved recognition in the field!

The team will be back in action for the Maynooth Biology Research Day on 8th May, where members of the Maynooth University Biology Department will have the opportunity to share, learn, and engage with one another’s anticipated research.

We are also thrilled to announce that the Family Genomics Research Group will be well-represented at the upcoming 24th annual Genes, Brain, and Behaviour Meeting at the University of Galway from 22nd-25th May. PhD candidate Shane Crinion will be presenting a poster on his work, and Dr Laura Fahey and Dr Lorna Lopez will be taking the stage to chair and present at the symposium, Investigating Genetic Relationships in Psychiatry: A Circadian and Sleep Timing Focus. We look forward to seeing what insights they uncover.

Stay tuned for more updates on what is already becoming an exciting season of meetings.


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