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Family Genomics

Research Mission
To generate knowledge, connections, and expertise on the role of genetics
in neuropsychiatric and neurodeve
lopmental conditions

Circadian rhythms and family genomics research area

Chronobiology of mental health

Population genetics and human health research area family genomics

Population genetics and human health

Autism genomics in families research area

Autism genomics

Family Genomics Research Group News

To stay up-to-date with the latest Family Genomics news please read our monthly blog posts.

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Follow Research Group Lead and Associate Professor, Dr Lorna Lopez, on twitter to keep up-to-date with our research group. 

Latest publication

Neuropsychiatric disorders, chronotype and sleep: A narrative review of GWAS findings and the application of Mendelian randomization to investigate causal relationships

PhD student Shane Crinion published a narrative review in the journal Genes, Brain and Behavior in February 2024.















For more information please view our publications page. 

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