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Science Night 2023

As Science Week drew to a close, Maynooth University rounded it off with an impressive Science Night, inviting the public to immerse themselves in the wonders of science! The evening's activities granted both young students and their families the opportunity to step into the shoes of scientists, drawing in a crowd of around 800 participants. A diverse array of shows, activities, and experiments awaited, promising an engaging and hands-on experience for all attendees. 

Members of the Faculty of Science and Engineering put together a fantastic display of all thing's science! Within the biology labs, a medley of experiments and demonstrations unfolded, while interactive psychology demos engaged the audience. Attendees witnessed the excitement of robot soccer, indulged in star gazing, delved into crime scene investigations, and explored captivating chemistry experiments.  

The Family Genomics Research Group filled our lab bench with a wide array of genetics, chronobiology and neuroscience activities. Participants had the opportunity to sketch their family tree pedigrees, construct models depicting the DNA double helix, explore the workings of our internal biological clocks, delve into the realm of brains and neurons, and engage in enjoyable colouring activities! 

Some of the clocks drawn by participants learning about circadian rhythms, and a collection of family tree pedigrees.

The biology department also hosted an Autism Friendly science night, welcoming 18 local children to explore the wonders of the biology labs through engaging experiments. Activities ranged from extracting DNA from a banana, creating lava lamps, conducting food tests, and identifying animal skulls. The night culminated in a thrilling elephant toothpaste demonstration that left everyone in awe. 

Just like Science Night 2022, these events were a huge success, all thanks to the hard work of the faculty staff and volunteers. Of course, the families who joined in made it all the more special. We hope everyone had a blast and looks forward to joining us again for Science Night 2024!



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